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The Hungry Blues Band - Innsbruck


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Our Repertoire

Hungry Blues at Martina's party

Knocking on Heaven?oor/Rise (Emil, Nina) G-D-Am-C
Fall from Grace (Nina) Fm-G-Bb-C
Give Me One Reason (Nina) G-(Bb)-C-D
Low Down (Emil, Roy) A, D, A, E
Moondance (Emil) Em, Am, / C, Em, Am B7
Strong Enough (Nina) G-D-Bm-A
Vincent (Nina) C (G V)
Dirty Old Town (Emil, Nina) D, A
Come Into My Kitchen (Atti) A Blues
Greenville (Petra, Nina) C
Jackson (Atti, Nina) D
Proud Mary (Atti, Nina, Roy, Emil) D
Colors (Emil, Atti, Nina) C
Piney Wood Hills (Atti, Nina) A